• Abandonment Recovery is an innovation in mental health . We are happy to make the methods available to all of you – they make healing possible, not just from a recent heartbreak, but from your old abandonment wounds as well – the ones that have been festering just beneath the surface, eroding your self esteem and interfering in your relationships all along.  Unresolved abandonment is the cause of self sabotage – your Outer Child thrives on it.

• Abandonment Recovery is a whole new treatment technology. Its new information and techniques help to reverse the injury to your self esteem – the insecurity, and self-doubt, and fear caused by earlier rejections and losses. The program helps you reverse self-abandonment, “Tame your Outer Child,” strengthen your sense of self, and find greater life and love than before.

• Abandonment Recovery is not an instant cure. To benefit, you must be ready to take responsibility for your own recovery. The program offers exercises for healing, emotional support, and literature to guide you, but it is up to you to take action. Become involved in a dynamic process that operates over time. You gain a new way of seeing and feeling, new awareness and new life-direction. The goal of abandonment recovery is to benefit from your abandonment experience rather than be diminished by it.

• Abandonment Recovery includes tools for self-assessment, personal growth exercises to practice on a daily basis, workbook exercises, abandonment support groups, author’s seminars and workshops and valuable research information. The program is designed to enhance your insight, promote deep healing for the primal wound, and in so doing, change old patterns and improve the quality of life. Here is a sampling of what it offers:

  • S.W.I.R.L. – a self assessment tool to help identify where you are in the five stages of abandonment – – Shattering, Withdrawal, Internalizing, Rage, or Lifting.
  • AKeRU – a program of five mental exercises that maximize the growth potential at each stage of the cycle and promote healing.
  • BLACK SWAN – The Twelve Lessons of Abandonment Recovery, an inspirational story of emotional and spiritual healing — a form of book therapy, ideal for someone with abandonment issues from childhood or going through the loss of a love.
  • * OUTER CHILD – a program of exercises that work like physical therapy for the brain to help you change your most deeply entrenched patterns of self sabotage by reversing self-abandonment, step by step.
  • THE JOURNEY FROM ABANDONMENT TO HEALING – a comprehensive self-help and professional resource. A therapist’s voice guides you through each stage of the abandonment cycle, S.W.I.R.L., providing case examples and intensive support along the way. Includes step by step instructions for AKeRU, as well as questionnaires and inventories to help you identify where you are ‘stuck’ in the five stages of abandonment – – where your hot spots are – – where you have work to do.
  • WORKBOOK: THE JOURNEY FROM HEARTBREAK – A Workshop in Abandonment Recovery. Offers step-by-step healing exercises as well as directions for setting up abandonment support groups.
  • • ABANDONMENT RECOVERY SUPPORT GROUPS – ideal for people going through a break-up and also for those who have difficulty finding relationships. Common themes are addressed, new connections are formed; mutual support promotes healing and fosters personal growth.
    Case studies and discussion of theoretical and clinical issues regarding the abandonment grief cycle, the psycho-biology of abandonment, and techniques for treating unresolved abandonment.

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