Three Different Abandonment Pills?

In looking out for helpful information on behalf of my readers, I’ve come across a few pills. 

Pills?  You mean abandonment pills?  For when you’re going through heartbreak and loss?

Well, sort of.

People have always wished there could be a magic pill to cure the primal pain of abandonment, one that hopefully wasn’t addictive or turn you into a corpse.  Yes, drugs and alcohol can dull the pain initially, but at great risk to the individual.  In fact, many if not most alcoholics and drug addicts have histories of abandonment and became addicted while trying to self medicate its anxiety and angst.

But lately I’ve keep learning about these other compounds.  They don’t numb you out or replace the need for supportive friends, time to heal, and abandonment therapy, but they are interesting to know about.

First there is St. Ignatius bean – “a strychnine compound [that] corresponds to psychological states of grief, bereavement, and abandonment…”.  Colleague Thomas Farrell sent me this information along with his musing that perhaps this bean might be worth exploring in the abandonment therapy process.

Then there are anti-inflammatories.  According to Is Depression an Allergic Reaction? by Caroline Williams, research has shown that stress, particularly that of social rejection and loneliness, causes inflammation – a kind of allergic reaction to imposed isolation.  Accordingly, anti-inflammatory medications are sometimes added to antidepressants to enhance their effect.  Williams says that Omega 3 and curcumin (an extract of turmeric) might offer similar benefits.

And finally there is the simple aspirin.  Takotsubo cardiomyopathy also known as broken heart syndrome involves a weakening of the muscular portion of the heart which occurs under extreme stress such as loss of a mate.  Aspirin and other heart drugs have been known to aid recovery.

These compounds more like them are not the magic pills millions of people throughout the ages have been hoping to find to release them from the agony of heartbreak, nor might they be relevant to your situation.  But identifying the pills lets you know you are not alone, that researchers from diverse fields of study have put themselves to the task of seeking remedy for this universal human pain.

Abandonment recovery involves commitment to an effective healing program and any information that might protect the heart or reduce some of the symptoms along the way is welcome to the process.

By Susan Anderson © 2015

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