Why We All Have Abandonment Issues

The human condition
The fear of abandonment is primal and universal to human experience, the crux of the human condition. We all have it. That’s why I write about it so much. Personally and professionally, I’ve discovered that it’s better to deal with our abandonment fear, know when it rears its head, than try to hide from it. The more we ignore it, the more it is able to interfere from within.

Yet a lot of people are afraid to look into their abandonment wound, fearing it will swallow them up. They need to be reassured that at the bottom of primal abandonment is a trampoline with lots of spring in it. It isn’t a dark abyss, but full of illumination and change-energy. All you need is a little direction, and you can use it as a springboard for positive change and greater connection and love.

Primal abandonment fear is actually what helps make the world go round. Its underlying anxiety is what motivates us to seek and build secure relationships and what drives us toward personal achievements that make us feel worthy of love and masterful of our fate. It is what makes us want to follow basic societal norms and causes us to quake when we feel any threat to the security of our attachments. It motivates us to seek remedies to any breaches in our connections. When we don’t succeed and the bonds are truly broken, our emotional reactions can range from anxiety to full blown emotional crisis.

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