Susan Anderson  psychotherapist

Healing Abandonment and Overcoming Self Sabotage

Welcome to Abandonment Recovery

  • Are you suffering a recent breakup or a lingering wound from the past?
  • Having trouble finding someone or getting a relationship to last?
  • Uncertain in your present relationship or feeling a loss of love?

Help is available for abandonment survivors of past and present heartbreak.

Therapists welcome.

Information on grief over death also available

What is Outer Child?

Outer Child acts out your abandonment issues by sabotaging your relationships, career, and diet, and chasing the unavailable – if you let it.

Taming your Outer treats the source

  • Overcomes your self defeating patterns
  • Fulfill your love life
  • Conquer low self esteem, depression and obsession
  • Reverse self-abandonment and reach your goals