. Therapists: Post your services. Let clients find you according to area code.

Clients: If you are looking for a therapist in your area code and no one has yet posted, log-in and post your interest in finding one right here. Maybe a therapist perusing this page will contact you. Be sure to use a pen name so google can’t find you.

* Professionals: Use this page to post your name, location, and credentials (including training with Susan Anderson). If applicable, mention your experience in guiding people through Outer Child, AKeRU, S.W.I.R.L. process, and Swan Lessons, etc. (For training as abandonment specialist, see below.) Both members and non-members have access to therapists’ postings, but only members can post. Add a therapist

It would be helpful to provide information that allows clients to validate your professional credentials – an agency you work for, or perhaps the website of a state licensing board or professional organization.

Therapists who are running abandonment groups, can post on this page as well as on the Group Posting page.

Professionals also can download 25 Professional Group Recipes and workbook. Also go to Professional Page HELPER CENTER for clinical discussion about abandonment and outer child issues. Learn about abandonment specialist training.

Thank you for posting and for contributing to the abandonment recovery movement.

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