Dear Abandonment Survivors,

You can submit your own personal abandonment story to me privately through STORY-IN-BRIEF (which is available to members and non-members alike) or through FULL PRIVATE STORY (for members only).

If you can describe your abandonment situation in one paragraph (less than 200 words) you can submit it to us privately without having to join Member Center. Just send it to STORY-IN-BRIEF. But if you’d like us to read your in-depth story, you must submit it to FULL PRIVATE STORY through Member Center.

My colleagues and I carefully read all submissions and uphold strict confidentiality. I will contact you by email if additional information is needed.

By telling me about you’re abandonment situation, you are adding your voice to the growing data I’ve been collecting on abandonment.  I am also collecting information on Outer Child’s self-sabotaging patterns.  We’re especially interested in Outer Child patterns that sabotage your relationships, waistline, career, and home-life.   Thank you for your contribution to this work and helping to propel this new field forward.

Many of your submissions were used in the WORKBOOK, “Journey from Heartbreak to Connection” and my most recent book, TAMING YOUR OUTER CHILD: Overcoming Self Deefeating Patterns.

Whereas all of the research data I collected through this website were preserved in their original form in confidential files, all of the situations you described were disguised and scrambled to protect your identities. I am grateful for your stories and hope you have enjoyed seeing them in print (without disclosing your identities) and that you feel the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping people.

For my next publication, I am looking for submissions (both brief and in-depth) that describe your current abandonment event as well as earlier losses that have led to new Outer Child patterns, and have impacted your life and relationships.

Submit your Story-in-Brief (maximum 200 words) privately to Susan Anderson

Members have the option to submit Full Private Story (maximum 700 words)

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