Submit your Full Personal Story privately to Susan Anderson. Please note: Non-members can submit a shorter version of story (under 200 words) privately to the author through Story-in-brief without having to become a member. Log in to submit your full story (limited to 700 words). If possible touch on the following issues:

1) Your abandonment event
2) Your significant earlier losses – how your old wounds created patterns of self-sabotage (Outer Child patterns) that impact on your current relationships and life.
3) How you are surviving and working through it all – the impact both problematic and positive.

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Dear Abandonmates,

Thank you for your submissions. Your stories add to the growing data I’ve been collecting on abandonment and Outer Child. Due to limited reading time, my colleagues and I read all submissions not exceeding 700 words and uphold strict confidentiality at all times.

Many of your stories were used in my workbook entitled, “Journey from Heartbreak to Connection”. Whereas all of the research data I collected through this website were preserved in their original form in confidential files, all of the situations you described were disguised and scrambled to protect your identities. I hope you have enjoyed seeing your stories in print (without disclosing your identities) and that you feel the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping people. Log-in to download this book.


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