Abandonment Recovery Workshops: Overcoming Abandonment and its Aftermath of Self-Sabotaging Patterns (This workshop is for everyone, including professionals who gain experiential trainingby participating in workshop)

“Of all human fears abandonment is the most primal,” says Susan Anderson, a psychotherapist who has specialized in helping people overcome heartbreak, loss and abandonment and its aftermath of self sabotaging patterns for more than 30 years. “Left unresolved, this deep personal wound can linger beneath the surface where it undermines self-esteem and interferes in our relationships from within.” Anderson is the founder of the Abandonment Recovery and Outer Child movements and author of four books including internationally acclaimed Journey from Abandonment to Healing and Taming your Outer Child.

In this workshop, Susan will present a highly effective program of emotional and spiritual healing that provides the means to reverse the universal wound of abandonment. Participants will learn:

* The five stages of grief specific to abandonment
* Exercises that act like physical therapy for the brain – to heal primal abandonment and overcome self sabotage at each stage
* Tools for overcoming Outer Child patterns of self-sabotage and “abandoholism”
* A mind / body process called “Akeru” that facilitates personal growth and healing
* Biological and chemical process that underlie emotional responses to loss

Whether you’re experiencing a recent break-up, a lingering wound from childhood, or struggling to form a lasting relationship, this workshop helps restore your sense of self and increase your capacity for love and connection.

Susan Anderson has devoted more than 30 years of clinical experience and groundbreaking research in working with victims of abandonment trauma. Founder of the Abandonment Recovery movement, she is author of four books including Journey from Abandonment to Healing, Taming Your OUter Child, Black Swan:Twelve Lessons of Abandonment Recovery and a The Abandonment Recovery Workbook . For more info on her work, visit and


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