Introduction: Susan Anderson is an expert on how to overcome abandonment and its aftermath of self sabotaging patterns.  Author of Journey from Abandonment to Healing; Taming Your Outer Child; The Abandonment Recovery Workbook; and Black Swan: 12 Lessons of Abandonment Recovery, she reaches out through her websites and workshops to share her methods of abandonment recovery with victims of trauma of abandonment, heartbreak, and loss around the world.  Her groundbreaking program is the product of over thirty years of research and clinical practice.

  • What does abandonment encompass?
  • How does heartbreak compare to grieving a death?
  • What are the Five Stages of Abandonment?
  • What can happen if you get “stuck” in one of the stages?
  • What is Outer Child?
  • What are some of the biological reasons it takes so long to get over a loss?
  • What can we do to recover from such a painful wound?
  • What makes someone an “abandoholic?”
  • What do you mean when you say that some people are “love-challenged?”
  • What is the “invisible drain of self-esteem?”
  • Why do some people seek “emotional candy” instead of a real relationship?
  • What are the steps to emotional and spiritual healing?
  • How can people get help?

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