This book guides you through the five stages of abandonment — shattering, withdrawal, internalizing, rage, and lifting (S.W.I.R.L.), as well as the AKeRU exercise designed to maximize the growth potential for each stage, and a 100-item list of Outer Child’s self-sabotaging characteristics. JOURNEY breaks with scientific information, which sheds new light on why abandonment creates such devastating feelings, and why it is so difficult to let go of someone who has left you.

Back cover excerpt: “…The fear of abandonment is one of our most primal fears, and deservedly so. Its pain is often overwhelming, and can leave its mark on the rest of your life. In the midst of the hurt, it’s hard to see an end to your feelings of rejection, shame, and betrayal.

“This groundbreaking book…helps you put that pain in perspective. It is designed to help all victims of emotional breakups – – whether you are suffering from a recent loss, or a lingering wound from the past; whether you are caught up in patterns that sabotage your own relationships, or youÕre in a relationship in which you no longer feel loved. From the first stunning blow to starting over, it provides a complete program for abandonment recovery.

“Going beyond comforting words to promote real change, this healing process will help you work through the…universal stages of abandonment….”

Translations are also available in German, French, Korean, Japanese…


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