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Overcoming Your Self-Defeating Patterns
(Ballantine Susan Anderson)

Part I: Getting to Know Your Outer Child
Chapter 1: Introducing Your Outer Child
Chapter 2: Three Parts of the Personality
Chapter 3: Exposing Your Outer Child

Part II: The Outer Child Program
Chapter 4: Outer Child and Your Abandonment Issues
Chapter 5: Outer Child and Your Self-Esteem
Chapter 6: Outer Child and Your Future
Chapter 7: Outer Child and Your Past
Chapter 8: Outer Child, Your Stress and Trauma

Part III: Special Applications
Chapter 9: Outer Child and Diet
Chapter 10: Outer Child and Procrastination
Chapter 11: Outer Child and Love Relationships
Chapter 12: Outer Child and Losing Passion
Chapter 13: Outer Child and Feeling Unbeloved
Chapter 14: Outer Child and Debt
Chapter 15: Outer Child and Clutter
Chapter 16: Outer Child and Depression
Conclusion: Living a Conscious Life

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