Find EPals and EBuddies


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If you’re looking for someone to talk to, log in to put your request on this board. Use a screen name so that google can’t find you.


Notice: If finding an Ebuddy is the only reason for paying the membership fee, beware: We can’t guarantee you will get a response. The success of this page depends on the number of people participating at a given time…


Here are hypothetical issues that might make you want to reach out for an ePal:


“I’m going through the ending of a 2 year relationship. I can’t sleep or eat. Is there anybody out there to talk to?”


“I have a very active ‘outer child’. How do I stop this internal nemesis from sabotaging my relationships? Can anybody help?!”


“I’m trying to do the Big You Little You exercise and I’m having trouble. Can anyone give me an example of their Big and Little?”


“Is there anyone near me going through a serious heartbreak? I live in Los Angeles.”
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