HOW TO HEAL ABANDONMENT: Tips on Abandonment Therapy and Abandonment Recovery Workshops


Dear Fellow Abandonmates,

I get frequent requests for individual psychotherapy from people visiting my website or reading my abandonment books. Due to scheduling issues, I’m able to give only occasional one-on-one abandonment consultations to new folks. But before setting up a session, I urge you to first attend one of my Abandonment Recovery workshops because they will save you time and money in the long run (and so will reading my books). I have a bunch of them coming up soon!

You’re bound to get more out of my workshops than you would from a whole series of individual sessions! This is why I travel around the country to offer them. They truly are life-changing, give people a whole new lease on life, and a whole new sense of direction. People fly to them from all over.

What are Abandonment Recovery Workshops?

The workshops offer a very specific group experience designed to promote personal change and provide a true path to recovery. This group process has a profound impact on healing.

They give you inspiration and motivation through therapeutically calibrated group dynamics. There’s a didactic piece that sets you up with a foundation of basic healing principles that are extremely effective in healing abandonment’s primal wound, and you learn experientially how to perform growth promoting exercises (that act like physical therapy for the brain) within a supportive, safe, sharing group process.

After attending one of the workshops, you might want to forgo the expense and travel-effort of coming to my office to see me individually, because the workshop gave you what you needed, and then some!

So, if you were planning on scraping together the money to come see me for psychotherapy, you could spend it more wisely by attending one of my workshops – whether for a 6 day workshop, a 3 day workshop, or a one-day workshop.

What is Abandonment Therapy?
Abandonment therapy is facilitated through groups and/or individual sessions (and biblio-therapy – see my books) and deals with the primal wound of abandonment in very practical, goal-directed ways. Since abandonment fear is universal to all human beings, and fundamental to the staying power of human relationships, the therapy focuses on methods that work with this primal fear rather than against it. You learn to “flit it” – use its drive energy to create positive life-promoting patterns that increase your capacity for love and connection.

So, take heart fellow abandonment survivors, no matter where you are in your struggle to overcome, there is lots of help and reason to hope! Life and love spring eternal.

Susan Anderson

© Susan Anderson April 26, 2013

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  1. Do you have any abandonment workshops on DVD that can be purchased?

  2. I am a therapist and would like to purchase some of your books and tapes, do you have any of your workshops on DVD’s to purchase?

  3. Admin says:

    I’m sorry to say we do not have workshops on DVD. I am also a therapist and have benefited from reading all of her books. A great tool to use with patients is Susan’s workbook, which can be downloaded from the website after you purchase a membership.

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