Broken Hearted this Holiday Season?

When our love connections are in turmoil, the panic and insecurity can hit hard, especially during the holiday season. A broken heart brings up all of our abandonment issues, and the holiday season’s merriment adds insult to injury. Take a step back and remember that you can overcome your abandonment trauma and your outer child patterns. But for now, let’s make it through the holiday season one day at a time. Stay mindful of your thoughts and actions and you will emerge from the holidays better able to live. Better able to love.

Stay in the moment. Be mindful of your pain. Just getting through each day from Christmas to New Years may seem like a full-time job. So to manage the intense feelings, structure your time productively. If you are alone, use your temporary isolation to learn how to stand on your own two feet. Build emotional self-reliance — something long overdue for most of us. Give yourself time and care to make this possible.

What you need most is support. So if you are alone this holiday season, consult with your inner child. What kind of support can you provide for your self? Reaching out to others is important, but so is reaching within yourself for acceptance and love. Put pen to paper and see what healing wisdom you hold within.

Remember, as hard as it might be to believe right now, your future will eventually be filled with love, in its many healing forms, again. But if you don’t find peace with yourself, you’ll be challenged to find it elsewhere. So find peace with yourself. Review the Five Stages of Abandonment, (see like below) and be mindful of your process.


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  1. Johan Strany says:

    In indian esoterism heart is near imunitary system and all feeling about love activate timus.

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