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Profile of an Abandoner

© Susan Anderson December 15 2016 I’ve been developing a profile of an abandoner for almost twenty years, collecting stories and insights from abandonment survivors from all over the world – from people writing to my website and attending my workshops, as well as friends, colleagues, and from my own experiences. Is there a profile … read the full article

Insecure and Not Sure Your Partner Is Fully Committed? Here Are 12 Tips

Are you attached to someone who doesn’t seem as committed as you are? Maybe they’re giving you double messages, keeping you at arm’s length, or pulling away when you try to get closer. Whatever the signs, your fear of abandonment has been triggered and you want to go back to feeling secure. It’s disquieting to … read the full article

‘The 36 Questions’ for Falling in Love: What Makes Them Work?

The world is full of love-worthy, eligible people looking for a way out of involuntary singleness. They want to put an end to their cycles of abandonment and find a long-term mutual relationship. They are determined to overcome any self-sabotaging patterns that might stand in their way. Some may be attracted to the unavailable. Some tend to … read the full article

How to Overcome Fear of Abandonment: 7 Dos and 10 Don’ts

  It isn’t fear of abandonment that sabotages our relationships, it’s how we handle it. Fear of abandonment is primal fear – not something we get rid of. It is essential and universal to all human beings, a driving force in our connections. It can either interfere in our relationships or reinforce them. Once we … read the full article

Three Different Abandonment Pills?

In looking out for helpful information on behalf of my readers, I’ve come across a few pills.  Pills?  You mean abandonment pills?  For when you’re going through heartbreak and loss? Well, sort of. People have always wished there could be a magic pill to cure the primal pain of abandonment, one that hopefully wasn’t addictive … read the full article

How to Get Over Abandonment — a Fast Track

When something triggers our primal abandonment pain — like a breakup, getting fired or rejected by school admissions, or dissed by a friend — it can be so ferocious and debilitating that we’d do almost anything to get past it. Read more here on Huffington Post! Click here to view recent articles. © Susan Anderson February 9, 2015  

Did a Swan Commit Suicide because of Grief?

There was a report yesterday in the Daily Mail of a swan apparently committing suicide over the death of its mother. The photographs in the article may be open to interpretation, but they drive home the point that grief can be painful stuff and overwhelm us with feelings of inescapable loneliness and hopelessness. Human … read the full article

What is OUTER CHILD? A Way to Overcome Self Abandonment and Self Sabotage

Do you have an Outer Child? How to Stop Abandoning Yourself and Reach Your Goals    Does your Outer Child sabotage your relationships?  Your long range goals?  Your diet?  There are myriad ways we all abandon ourselves by letting Outer Child take control of our lives.  Do you forsake your true needs and goals on … read the full article

The 5 Phases of Abandonment and Recovery: The Path of Healing

Overcoming the Trauma of Abandonment Abandonment has its own kind of grief trauma – a powerful grief universal to human beings.  The grief can be acute – as when we go through the ending of a relationship, or chronic – as when we feel the impact of earlier losses and disconnection. The natural folds in … read the full article

Fear of Abandonment: A Primal Dilemma of Insecurity and 10 Ways to Turn it Around

Fear of abandonment is the source of human relationships, the source of our self sabotage.  It fuels insecurity.  But it isn’t fear of abandonment that sabotages our relationships, it’s how we handle it.  Fear of abandonment is primal fear – not something we get rid of.   It is essential and universal to all human beings, a driving force in … read the full article

How to Overcome Heartbreak

Heartbreak hurts so deeply because it pulls at that raw abandonment nerve we all share. It rips us open to the core, overwhelming us with powerful emotions – loss, despair, panic, shame, hopelessness – that seem all out of proportion to the actual event. 12 facts to help you:  The intense emotional crisis of abandonment … read the full article

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