Did a Swan Commit Suicide because of Grief?

There was a report yesterday in the Daily Mail of a swan apparently committing suicide over the death of its mother.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2905658/Is-proof-animals-commit-suicide-Young-swan-captured-apparently-drowning-distress-death-mother.html

The photographs in the article may be open to interpretation, but they drive home the point that grief can be painful stuff and overwhelm us with feelings of inescapable loneliness and hopelessness.

Human beings know these are feelings not facts.  So the unbearable, nearly lethal pain we feel when we go through heartbreak, loss, and abandonment need not drive us to drown ourselves. We have tools, support from others, and a comprehensive program to guide us through the murky waters to regain our full sense of connectedness to life and love.

But how to bring this message to swans?

Susan Anderson © 2015

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