15 Quotes To Inspire Self-Love

FullSizeRender (26)  My social media team, who devotedly administrates my pages, suggested that we come up with a list of “best quotes” – bite size insights – that you have strongly responded to. Thank you all for offering thoughtful comments, sharing your personal stories and struggles, and sharing our words with your own family and friends.

  • Live this mantra: It’s nobody else’s responsibility to make you feel secure, except your own. It’s nice when someone else can give security directly to you, but when they can’t or won’t, you must do it.
  • Breathe into this aloneness. On the inhale: Acknowledge your aloneness. On the exhale: Accept it as part of being human.
  • To radically change your life, you must create a healthy new relationship with yourself.

To read all of the quotes, visit my Huffington Post blog page.

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