Written by Susan Anderson, inspired by the stories you sent to this website and to outerchild.net about your abandonment and outer child issues.

This book takes Abandonment Recovery to the next level. It serves as a guidebook and includes checklists, Outer Child inventories, questionnaires, and healing tools – new information and lots of support to get you through the anguish of heartbreak.

It guides you step-by-step through the healing programs of Outer Child, Akeru, S.W.I.R.L., and Swan Lessons. It extends the information provided in JOURNEY FROM ABANDONMENT TO HEALING and BLACK SWAN: 12 LESSONS OF ABANDONMENT RECOVERY.

It breaks with new insight about the patterns that plague your relationships, those cycles of re-abandonment so many of you are caught up in, i.e.

  • “Abandoholism” (attracted only to unavailable lovers)
    – Being “love challenged” (difficulty loving a willing partner. Does this describe your abandoner or you?) Insecurity, fear, and emotional hunger causing you to self-sabotage
    It shows you how to finally break your Outer Child patterns and make healthy new connections.

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