Many of you have written to me about Abandonment and Outer Child Groups – wanting to find one, start one, or advertise one. People-helping-people is what abandonment recovery is all about. Groups help you overcome Outer Child’s self defeating patterns and heal the primal wound of abandonment. coordinates

Post or find a group based on your area code. That’s what this page is here for – to help others link up with you. In posting, use a screen name so google can’t find you!

As more and more people keep posting, anyone coming to the site will be able to find people within their area codes. Both members and non-members alike have access to these postings, but only members can post.

Professionals: Post your professional groups here as well – area code first to help abandonment clients find you. Log-in to download 25 professional recipes. Go to professional page. Learn about training in abandonment specialty and techniques for overcoming Outer Child patterns.

Starting an abandonment-outer child support group is as easy as following a recipe. Whether run by peers or professionals, groups help people. Log-in to download:

  • Complete instructions for running abandonment support groups
  • 50 Topic Questions
  • 25 Recipes for Professional Abandonment Groups and Workshops
  • Workbook in Abandonment Recovery (includes Outer Child exercises)

More about groups
Author’s workshops
Training in abandonment recovery (inclusive of Outer Child techniques)

By posting your groups and services you are helping to build our community. We appreciate your contribution.

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