Dear Abandonmates and Recovering Outer Children,

We are here to help you set up and or join Abandonment and Outer Child Recovery groups.  Use these links below:

Find a Group    Find a Therapist    Posting Services   Author’s Workshops     Professional Training

We’ve tried to make it possible to see if someone in your area has posted a group by going to Find a Group .  You can also go Find a therapist to see if there is a professional in your area interested in providing abandonment recovery help.  You can use our posting service to post a group you are setting up or a service you are providing by joining MEMBER CENTER.

Go to one of Susan’s life-changing Abandonment/Outer Child Recovery Workshops!

We help each other.  Abandonment recovery is an interpersonal process — as groupmates, friends, and professionals we heal our collective abandonment wounds and overcome its aftermath of self sabotaging (Outer Child) patterns.  We use tools that reverse self-abandonment.

ABANDOHOLICS ANONYMOUS: The most effective way we know of to break the cycle of abandoholism – one of Outer Child’s most infamous patterns – as well as other destructive-to-relationship patterns, is through abandonment groups. If you think you’re the only one caught up in cycles of abandonment, think again. Learning to become attracted to available partners is an enormous feat for many abandonment survivors. These groups get you moving in a new direction. More about abandoholism

Creating abandonment recovery groups is as easy as following a recipe. Groups can be facilitated on a peer-to-peer basis.  An easy-to-follow self-help format and 50 topic questions are available – enough to keep your support groups running for a year or more. Become a member to download materials – as well as to Post your Groups. Membership also entitles you to download the WORKBOOK Journey from Heartbreak to Connection which guides you through hands-on exercises — Outer Child, Akeru, 12 steps of emotional and spiritual healing, S.W.I.R.L., and more.

MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS: Log in to download protocol for running professional groups (25 Professional Recipes) and to Post your Services. Also go to Professional Pages and learn about training as abandonment specialist (inclusive of Outer Child techniques).

AUTHOR’S VISITS Invite the author to come and give workshops and seminars and give onsite training . Susan Anderson handles each request individually.

Abandonment and Outer Child support groups reinforce and enhance one another’s recovery.  Sharing common experience puts positive peer pressure to work.  Coming together, abandonment survivors share their progress with the many challenges they encounter, as well as with Outer Child techniques, the SWIRL process, the Swan’s Twelve Steps of Emotional and Spiritual Healing, and the Akeru exercise program. The group provides emotional support and an opportunity to make new connections, make important breakthroughs, raise self-confidence, and make significant changes – not just internally, but in your behavior patterns!

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