Would you like to answer one of our Survey Questions?  Include them in your comments.   Your responses help us compile data on important abandonment issues. By sharing your thoughts, feelings, needs, and situations, you are contributing to the growing legacy of Abandonment Recovery.

Questions 1 What was your abandoner’s behavior like when s/he pulled away from the relationship?
Your responses help us compile the Profile of an Abandoner.
Questions 2 Are you an abandoholic?
Describe your own pattern to help us define Abandoholic Tendencies.
Questions 3 What are some of your most infamous Outer Child behaviors?
Add to our growing list of Outer Child Characteristics.
Questions 4 Can you describe your abandonment ordeal in one expressive phrase?
Add to our list of Abandonment Survivor’s Favorite Terms.
Questions 5 Help others by Honoring the Single Life-Style.
What independent strides have you made as a result of being alone – a hidden benefit you’ve discovered perhaps?
Questions 6 Do you have a new Topic Q to suggest to other Abandonment Support Groups?
Add to our expanding list of Topic Qs.

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